LPOSD Operational COVID Protocol

Levels of Operation: Green / Yellow / Red

Lake Pend Oreille School District #84 is committed to providing the same level of excellent education families are accustomed to for their students. Thank you for your feedback and support as we developed the reopening plans for the 2020-21 school year. The plan will emphasize priorities in the following areas:

  • Safety of students and staff

  • Maximize the instructional time with a teacher using the PHD guidelines

  • Provide educational choice to families

Our reopening plan includes a Green, Yellow, and Red protocol, which outlines what students, staff and parents can expect under the different conditions. The plan, while comprehensive, is neither exhaustive nor static. Day-to-day school-level operational plans, athletics/activities guidelines, as well as detailed information regarding the District’s online school option, will be available following the adoption of the overall operational plan.

Green: Traditional Schedule (No Community Spread)

  1. Cleaning/disinfection plan approved by PHD (see Maintenance- Cleaning/ Disinfection section)

  2. Encourage parents to screen students every morning before attending school and keep symptomatic students home https://www.cdc.gov/coronavirus/2019-ncov/symptoms-testing/symptoms.html

  3. Provide learning options for families

    1. Face to face instruction with the following considerations

      • Maintain social distancing as much as possible and reinforce hand washing and respiratory etiquette

      • Face coverings encouraged

      • Limit/avoid mixing of student groups to reduce potential exposure

      • Limit/avoid activities with large gatherings where social distancing cannot be maintained

    2. LPOSD Online Academy powered by IDLA

  4. Staff will limit visitors/volunteers from non-school related persons. Recommend face covering for all visitors in cases where social distancing cannot be maintained.

  5. Sick or symptomatic staff and students will not be allowed at school until return to school status is met. Each site must have a plan in place to allow for the immediate separation of students/staff who present COVID-19 symptoms at school in a designated “health room” until arrangements are made for the person to be picked up.

  6. A distance learning plan will be available in the event students remain home for extended periods of time and/or schools are closed.

  7. Post signs in highly visible locations (school entrances, bathrooms, etc.) that promote everyday protective measures. Signs from the CDC can be found here: CDC Coronavirus Print Resources

  8. Ventilation systems in all buildings have been inspected for proper operation.

  9. Safe drinking water is available in all buildings from a hands free filler.

  10. Emergency plans have been reviewed and updated to include response to a positive Covid-19 test in a school.

Yellow: Modified Traditional (Minimal to Moderate Community Spread)

LPOSD will operate on a modified schedule in order to emphasize safety for students and staff while still providing daily instruction.

What are we doing to emphasize student and staff safety?


During the school day, students will interact with other students from the same class (cohort). There will be no scheduled student to student contact outside of a child’s class during the instructional day. By creating these cohorts of students, we lower the opportunities to be exposed. As a result, if a student or teacher tests positive for Covid-19, only that class and teacher/s will be impacted by a quarantine and a temporary shift to distance learning. During transition periods and arrival and dismissal, face coverings are expected to be worn as it is difficult to avoid student to student contact from other cohorts at these times. Otherwise, face coverings are encouraged in all other settings. Staff is expected to wear a face covering. Additional safety measures will be available for each specific building.


At the secondary level, the modified schedule allows us to utilize staff in a way that reduces class sizes. These lower class sizes make it possible to set up classrooms that allow for appropriate social distancing. Since we are unable to cohort at the secondary level (as each student has several teachers), face coverings are expected to be worn throughout the day in order to keep students safer as they visit multiple classrooms. This reduces the possible spread from one class to the next. Face coverings are also necessary for secondary students during passing periods and during before and after school transition periods when social distancing is difficult to maintain. Staff is expected to wear a face covering. Additional safety measures will be available for each specific building.

All of the conditions in green will be followed, along with the additional measures below:

  1. Modified schedule to promote cohorts and social distancing (Link to Schedules). Distance learning / homework will be provided to reinforce class instruction.

  2. Students will head directly to their classroom (1st period for secondary buildings) when they arrive at school. Teachers will be available in their classrooms as students arrive. This will prevent students from gathering in common spaces. A building by building plan will be in place for those students who wish to have breakfast at school.

  3. Face coverings are expected for staff. At the elementary level, face coverings are expected during transition periods and arrival and dismissal. Face coverings are encouraged in all other settings. At the secondary level, face coverings are expected to be worn throughout the day in order to keep students safer as they visit multiple classrooms.

Considerations will be made for staff and students who provide documentation from a physician stating that the wearing of a face covering is a health risk for that individual.

  1. Visitors and volunteers play an essential role in the educational process. During this pandemic, all visitors are expected to wear a face covering upon entering school buildings. For visitors who wish to remain outside, the office phone number will be posted on the front entry door so that staff can assist you. At this time, generally volunteers will not be allowed into a classroom when students are present. Any exception must be approved in advance by the school administrator or designee.

Red - Substantial Risk/ High-Critical Community or Individual School Transmission

School will remain open in the same hybrid schedule outlined in the yellow plan, with the following adjustments to go into effect within the following work week:

  • Face Coverings are required at all elementary K-6 schools when social distancing can’t be obtained.

  • Additional building safety measures ( examples: adjustment to instructional practices, possible adjustment to secondary lunch schedules, possible additional breaks at the elementary level at teacher discretion)

  • Extra-curricular activities will follow the IDHSAA guidelines as well as consider State, regional, and local recommendations.


Full or partial remote learning will be utilized as a result of a local or State stay at home order


Full or partial remote learning may be utilized due to an extensive spread of Covid in an individual school as determined by the LPOSD School Board.

    • If full remote learning is necessary, individual accommodations for limited face-to-face instruction may be scheduled by staff on an as needed basis.

Confirmed COVID Case Protocols

Regardless of the level, the following outlines how the LPOSD will respond to a confirmed case(s) of COVID-19 in a school or schools.

  • If a student and/or staff member tests positive for COVID – 19, please notify the district as soon as possible. We thank you in advance for communicating with us.

    • The building(s) may close for 1-3 days for additional cleaning. Remote learning for all students.

    • The district will work closely with Panhandle Health to communicate potential exposure/close contact to students and staff.

      • Elementary--if a positive case occurs, the entire class (cohort) will go to a distance learning model until the procedures below have been followed (exceptions may occur).

      • Secondary--if a positive case occurs, safety measures such as face covering and social distancing should prevent the need to quarantine each class a student was in. However, if another student has had "close contact" with that individual in or outside of the school setting that student should also be quarantined until the procedures below have been followed.

        • The definition we are using for close contact is “any individual who was within 6 feet for at least 15 minutes starting from 2 days before illness onset.”

Procedures for Quarantine/Return

    • CDC now recommends two additional options for how long quarantine should last. Based on local availability of viral testing, for people without symptoms, no additional exposure, and face coverings worn, quarantine can end:

      • On day 10 without testing

      • On day 7 after receiving a negative PCR Covid test result, with the test being taken at least after day 5 of the close contact.

    • After stopping quarantine, people should

      • Watch for symptoms until 14 days after exposure.

      • If they have symptoms, immediately self-isolate and contact their local public health authority or healthcare provider.

      • Wear a face covering, stay at least 6 feet from others, wash their hands, avoid crowds, and take other steps to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

COVID School Guidelines

What all of us can do to help keep schools open

  1. Reduce a positive case or cluster by ensuring physical distancing strategies are in place

  2. Reduce a positive case or cluster by following the districts face coverings protocols

  3. Clean and disinfecting appropriately

  4. Washing and/or sanitizing hands frequently

  5. Limiting the mixing of students

  6. Sick staff and/or students should stay home when symptomatic or test positive

Building Safety Protocols

Elementary Schools

  • Hand Free water bottle filling Stations

  • Hand Sanitization Stations

  • Hand washing etiquette reviewed/implemented

  • One-way foot traffic flow in building where applicable

  • Social distancing of desks and/or clear polycarbonate table dividers

  • Classes will be arranged in cohorts limiting exposure to other students in the school

  • Face coverings expected until students are in the classroom (cohort) and then encouraged.

  • Other building specific safety measures will be communicated in the building plan.

Secondary Schools

  • Hand Free water bottle filling Stations

  • Hand Sanitization Stations

  • Hand washing etiquette reviewed/implemented

  • One-way foot traffic flow in building where applicable

  • Social distancing of desks and/or clear polycarbonate table dividers

  • Classes schedules arranged to reduce class sizes and emphasize social distancing

  • Face coverings expected as an effort to keep the schools open

  • Other building specific safety measures will be communicated in the building plan.

Special Services

Special Education

  1. LPOSD #84 continues to be responsible for providing special education services. Your child’s Special Education Case Manager will be your point of contact for support and services related to your child’s IEP.

  2. Special Education and related services will be provided through a cohort intervention model, pullout and push in, at the elementary level. A cohort intervention model means that students will only receive intervention with peers in their classroom. At the secondary level, services will be provided through a push in model and/or through an academic support class.

  3. Case Managers will communicate and collaborate with you regarding your child’s IEP goals and student services will be met to the most appropriate and greatest extent possible.

  4. Annual IEP and Triennial eligibility meetings will be held within the expected timelines and thus, your child’s Case Manager will be reaching out to schedule these. You and the Case Manager will collaborate together on how the meeting will be held.

  5. Should the IEP Team, which always includes you or your adult student, decide to make any change specific to your student’s individualized special education program, a Written Notice will be sent home.

504 Plans

  1. 504 plans will be implemented and accommodations provided by teachers.

  2. 504 plan meetings will be held annually. You and the School Administrator or School Counselor will collaborate together on how the meeting will be held.


Guidance for Levels of Operation

Back-to-School framework from the Idaho Department of Health and Welfare.

Maintenance--Cleaning/Disinfection (Approved by PHD)

Updated 8/25/2020

  • Classrooms and Offices

      • Empty trash and replace liner as needed daily.

      • Clean whiteboards as time allows.

      • Vacuum carpeting as needed. Extract spills daily.

      • Spot mop tile floor daily and the entire floor when time allows.

      • Disinfect student desks and tables, sinks, dispensers, door hardware and other touchpoints daily.

  • Restrooms

      • Clean toilets and urinals with disinfectant nightly.

      • Clean and disinfect sinks, faucets, dispensers, stall doors and other touchpoints nightly.

      • Mop the entire floor with floor cleaner nightly.

      • Clean mirrors with glass cleaner nightly.

  • Hallways and Entrances

      • Disinfect all entryway door hardware, and edge of door touchpoints daily.

      • Vacuum carpeting as needed. Extract spills daily.

      • Spot mop floor daily and the entire floor when time allows.

      • Clean, and disinfect bottle fillers nightly.

  • Weight Rooms

      • Wipe down equipment before and after use by each individual using disinfectant.

      • Disinfect weight room nightly.

  • Gyms and Locker Rooms

      • Gym floors will be swept daily and scrubbed at least weekly.

      • Locker rooms will be cleaned and disinfected each evening after use.

      • Disinfectants will be available to teachers and coaches to wipe down hard surfaces and equipment throughout the day.

  • Computer Labs

      • Keyboard and mouse will be wiped down with sanitizer after each use.

  • Throughout the Day*

      • Check all soap dispensers to make sure they are supplied with soap.

      • Check paper towel dispensers throughout the day to make sure they are adequately supplied.

      • Check all hand sanitizer dispensers in hallways and classrooms to make sure they are supplied with hand sanitizer.

      • Wipe down door handles and vending machines as much as possible with disinfectant.

      • Assist with lunch spill cleanups as they occur.

* Sites with daytime custodial staff.

** In the case of a confirmed COVID case, the impacted school/classroom/area will receive a deep clean and be sanitized. The impacted school/classroom/area will be allowed to sit for 24 hours per CDC recommendations before this process begins.

*** Classrooms will be provided with user friendly EPA approved food safe disinfectant spray, disposable gloves and wiping towels.

Nutrition Services

  • Online Mealtime payment software system in place with additional payment drop box options to minimize hand to hand cash transactions. Pre-payments for meals through www.mymealtime.com or mail a check to CNP Administration/Warehouse office 1520 Baldy Mountain road, Sandpoint, ID

  • New online Low Income Eligibility meal application for Free or Reduced priced meals option to decrease hand to hand application transfers. Online meal application link:@lposd.schoollunchapp.com

  • Enhanced standard operating procedures for food safety and sanitation with focus on intense cleaning and disinfecting efforts, general health checks at start of shift; face mask required where social distancing is not possible; separate defined work stations; face shields, disposable aprons and dishwashing gloves required when handling dirty dishes. Use only one time use disposable serve ware for all meals.

  • Hygiene signage for students and staff on proper hand-washing methods

  • Social distancing floor signage for all meal service lines

  • Sanitizer at start of service lines for all customers

  • Contactless point of sale at all cashier stations

  • Face shields worn by staff at all point of sale cash registers

  • Sneeze guards in place on all serving lines.

  • No customer self-service permitted for any food or beverage items.

  • Minimize visitors to only essential functions (custodial, approved deliveries,Nutrition staff)

Meal Service

Green Level

  • Typical hot menus served in the usual meal service cafeteria locations, students social distancing while waiting in lines (floor stickers and decals signage)

  • Increased meal service times may be needed to accommodate slower serve and minimize number of students in cafeteria (determined by individual site needs)

Yellow Level

  • Unitized, grab and go sack meals will be served during all meal service times, delivered to and eaten in the classroom.

  • Online learners: plan to offer meal pick up – grab and go – logistics (vary by school location)

Red Level

  • Offer all district student’s curbside, grab and go meal service pick up. Meals to be picked up by parent or student M-F 11:00 to 1:00 p.m. A combination of one lunch (for the day of pick up) and one breakfast (for the following morning) will unitized and provided for each student during the grab and go curb side service.


  • Social distancing will occur when practical

  • Facial covering is expected for driver and students

  • Hand sanitizer will be placed on the bus.

  • The bus will be loaded from the back of the bus forward

  • Families will sit together.

  • Buses will be sanitized twice a day.

  • Windows down/ventilation when weather permits.


Availability of Chromebooks

    • Elementary

        • K-1st grades: Kindergarten classes have sets of 6, and 1st grader classes have sets of 8. LPOSD will not be providing Chromebooks for checkout in these grades.

        • 2nd-6th grades: Each class has a full set of Chromebooks for all students grades 2 through 6. The Chromebooks stay in the classroom carts during regular Green Operation level.

            • When in Orange or Red, the Chromebooks will be able to be checked out by families. In order to be able to check the Chromebooks out, families must sign a Chromebook Checkout Agreement form and have it on file with the local school. The form agrees that the family will accept responsibility for any damage to the device while in their care.

    • Secondary

        • 7th-12th grades: Chromebooks are assigned and checked out to all students in 7th - 12th grade. The families have to sign an agreement for with optional insurance before they can be checked out.


    • Elementary

        • Elementary teachers will assign each student in grades 2 through 6 a specific Chromebook to use in order to minimize sharing. The Chromebook carts will be sprayed with an isopropyl cleaning spray on a daily basis.

    • Secondary

        • It is recommended that students keep their Chromebook clean at the secondary level, but since the machines are not shared or stored together the responsibility lies with the student.

Internet and Devices

  • Internet service is difficult for some families. LPOSD has installed extra internet access points so that families can park in the school parking lots and have internet access if needed.

    • Additional grants and funding may be available in the future for internet access.

  • Idaho Business for Education continues to work with LPOSD by gathering laptop donations to provide devices for families that don't have any. LPOSD currently has laptops to donate to families and will continue to gather, clean and prepare these devices for families at the elementary level. Interested families should contact their local school principal.


Extracurricular activities will share the same color scale as the school status.

In review, what are my educational choices

  • If you attended LPOSD last year and plan to attend school face-to-face you are already registered. Please wait for communication directly from your student’s school.

  • If you are new to LPOSD and are planning to attend school face-to-face you will need to register at the school you will attend. Offices will be open as follows:

  1. Elementary Schools: Wednesday Aug. 5th 8:00-12:00, Wednesday Aug.12th 8:00 – 2:00, Wednesday August 19th – 8:00 -2:00, and full-time starting August 24th .

  2. Secondary Schools: All offices will open on August 17th .

  • If you attended LPOSD last year or a new student to LPOSD and you would like to register for a fully online school through IDLA please read the following options and click here for more information (link):

  1. For grades 7-12, registration will be through your school counselor. Please contact your school office to begin the registration process.

  2. For grades K-6, please email Meagan Hofmeister, IDLA Coordinator, at meagan.hofmeister@lposd.org